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19 SET 1TR 1
2011 7-4 Forth of July Carol Stream, IL Set 1 Party in the USA Everyday -> Excitement of Disease -> Aphrodisiac Set 2 Sugaree& -> Harvest Judge a Book -> Feel like a Stranger -> Assault N Pepper* -> Where is my Mind* Looks like Snow Remix to Ignition -> Kids^ 12th and Vine -> Mackin it -> Transfixion^ * w/ Nick Rhode on Guitar (TFront) ^ w/ Drum (beer) Solo & first time played 1
2011-6-21 Summer Solstice Burlington, WI Set 1 Feel like a Stranger Controversy -> Liquid Handcuffs -> TMBTP -> Aphrodisiac -> Angel Sleep Walk Set 2 Train Song^ Harvest Psycho Killer * -> Kids* 12th and Vine*# Mr. Charley*& -> Judge A Book*% * w/ Simon Says ^ first time played # w/ Sam on Mandolin & w/ Randy on Vocals % Unfinished 1
2012, 4, 7, TGs, Kenosha, WI, Set 1, Never been to Spain, Cell Phone, Sissyneck ->, This must be the Place ->, Judge A Book, True Green, Aphrodesiac, Set 2, Suzy Greenburg ->, Controversy* ->, Sinking, Roses are Free^, Mackin it^ ->, Transfixion^+, 12th and Vine^, Vocabulary, Govt our Dealer Drums ->, Remix to Ignition ->, Whooley Mammoth#, * w/ wana get high, ^ w/ Cole Garcia on Guitar, + w/ Drums #, w/ Rift tease, 1
2012-4-19, Scottys, Kenosha, WI, Set 1, Corrina, Looks like snow, Tupelo Honey*, Never Know, Everyday, Limb x Limb, Is it Raining?, Sinking, Whooley Mammoth, Circus, 12th and Vine, Set 2, Peg, Mean Mr Mustard ->, Polythene Pam ->, She Came in through the bathroom Window, Hellova guy*, True Green, Mackin it ->, Peace Frog* ->, Vocabulary, Excitement of Disease ->, Drums ->, Transfixion (unfinished), * First time played 1
2012-5-20 Crisp Lounge Milwaukee, WI Set 1 Sinking Never Know Suzy Greenburg* -> Peg Judge a book 12th and Vine^ -> Golden Age -> 2001 -> Whooley Mammoth Set 2 So Lonely Hellova Guy -> Mackin it -> Transfixion Vocabulary True Green Feel like a stranger * w/ Aw shucks ^ Cowbell solo 1
2013 1
4-11-2009 1
4/11/2009 Set 1 1
6/6/2011 set1 1
911set (1).jpg 1
Asparagii 2012-6-28 Closeby Campground Noblesville, IN Set 1 Never Know Cell Phone -> Sinking In the Country Tupelo Honey Vocabulary Whooley Mammoth* Time to Pretend Set 2 Feel like a Stranger -> Aphrodisiac Looks like snow Judge a book -> This must be the place -> Transfixion Govt our Dealer * w/ Stash intro 1
Asparagii Live at 2011-6-25 TGs Kenosha, WI Set 1 Judge A Book Looks like Snow True Green LRC Angel Mr. Charley -> Cell Phone One of these Nights -> Liquid Handcuffs -> In the Country Set 2 Controversy -> Mackin it^ -> Transfixion& Domino# Giving it up for your love# Take the money and Run# Kids Govt. our Dealer 12th and Vine* Set 3 Anenome -> Beautiful Excitement of Disease& -> Feel like a Stranger * w/ Simon Says ^ w/ Break my Stride # w/ John Costello on Vocals & w/ Drum (Beer) Solo 1
Asparagii Live at 6-16-2011 Scotty's Kenosha, WI Set 1 Govt. our Dealer, Judge A Book, Harvest, Angel, Love Bubble, TMBTP -> First Tube -> Controversy, Mr Charlie* Kids (special guest Cole Garcia halftime show)^ Set 2 Liquid Handcuffs, Beautiful Girl -> Mackin it -> Break my stride -> Transfixion, 12th and Vine * w/ Lester Priday on Harmonica ^ missing recording 1
Asparagii, asparagii live, Live, at, nov. 19, 2011, 11-19-2011 TGs, TG's, TG, Kenosha, WI Sinking, 12th and Vine, In the Country, Mackin it, ->, Transfixion, 2011-11-19 TGs Kenosha, WI Set 1, Suzy Greenburg, Aphrodisiac, Feel like a Stranger, ->, Liquid Handcuffs, Thats how strong my love is, Beautiful, Aware, This must be the place, Suzy, Set 2, Mackin it, Transfixion, Wana get high, Controversy, 12th and Vine, Set 3, Whooley Mammath, Girl I wana lay you down, Worms, Sinking, First Tube, Transfixion, Encore:, Kids, First, time, played, w/, Phil Miller, Ideamen, on, Guitar 1
Asparagii, asparagii live, Live, at, oct. 15, 2011, 10-13-2011 The, main, street, tap, Kenosha, WI Sinking, 12th and Vine, In the Country, Mackin it, ->, Transfixion, Asparagii Live 10-13-2011 Main Street Tap Kenosha, WI Set 1 Judge A Book Never been to Spain Everyday Liquid Handcuffs Looks like Snow Sinking True Green Set 2 Kids Mackin it* -> Transfixion^& Girl I wana Lay you Down$ This Must be the Place -> Thriller Tease% -> First Tube -> Beautiful Harvest Cole, Todd, and Marc Set 3 12th and Vine Feel like a Stranger -> Controversy Govt our Dealer * w/ Simon Says Game ^ w/ Chad on Theremin & w/ Drum (pissed) solo $ w/ Marc on harmonica % w/ don't stop till you get enough tease 1
Asparagii, music,, Last, Show, 2014, 2014-1-18, jan, january, Public, Craft, Brewing, Co, Kenosha, WI, wisconsin, Set, 1, Harvest, Sinking, Cell, Phone, One, of, these, Nights, Golden, Age, So, Lonely, Aphrodisiac, Set, 2, Red, Corvette, Just, Another, Day, Hellova, Guy, Vocabulary, Mackin, it, Transfixion, The, Consensual, pt 2, Set, 3, Nik, or, Tom, Never, Know, 12th, and, Vine, Animals, in, my, Home, Kids, Recorded, by, Scott, Sparkman, 1
Big Smith @ George's Majestic Lounge 4-14-12 Set 1 1
Chasing Cabs "LIVE" @ Lucky's 11-23-2012 set1 1
David Nelson Band Field Trip 02 set 1 1
Dead Fantasy Episode 016 2015 August Set 1 1
Groove Night 1
Gudstjeneste 1
Guido LSDB Tournament 2012 Set 1 Hardstyle 1
Halley's Hoop set 1 at Lazy Oaf Lounge 1.7.2012 1
Halley's Hoop with Cassidy Ann set 1 Mr. Robert's 4.7.2012 1
KoooRA.CoM By MESSI-FEDERER Real Madrid 2 - 6 Barcelona 2008-2009 Highlights SET 1 HD 720P 1
KoooRA.CoM By MESSI-FEDERER Real Madrid 2 - 6 Barcelona 2008-2009 SET 1 HD 720P 1
Lingo "LIVE" @ Lucky's 11-16-2012set1 1
Liquid DnB Live Set 1 1
Live 1
MATIC @ Ziggies/ set 1/ march/ 2nd/ 2013 1
Mason Dunn 1
McGee 1
Nokia 1
Nokia Theatre 1
ON BLAST RADIO 11.18.08 SET 1 1
Probability_Problem Set#1 1
Project Object Set 1 1
Queen Theater 1
SET.1 1
Setlist from 2012-6-2 Rumors Kenosha, WI Set 1 Aphrodisiac, This must be the place -> True Green, Never Know* 12th and Vine, Tupelo Honey, Aware Set 2 Sleep Walk ->Sinking, Is it Raining? Whooley Mammoth, Drums, Govt our Dealer^ Vocabulary, Time to Pretend Set 3 Mackin it -> Transfixion, Controversy -> First Tube, Harvest * w/ Freebird intro ^ w/ Simple Man intro 1
Soulacious 1
Swirl Floral Decorative Elements Vector Graphic Set-1 1
Techno Live Set1 1
The Stoneflys Live @ The Green Olive Set 1 1
Thomas Clay 1
Umphrey's 1
Willie Bean Bluegrass Rangers Broomfield set 1 1
World Cafe Live 1
acoustic set 1
ambient 1
asparagii, 2012-6-29 Closeby Campground Noblesville, IN Set 1 Sleep Walk -> Worms 12th and Vine Psycho Killer* -> You should be Dancing^ -> Gravity Aware Set 2 Mackin it& -> Transfixion Excitement of Disease# Thats how strong my love is Whooley Mammoth * w/ Sprinkler Jam ^ First time played & w/ Rift jam and Break my Stride # w/ DavMon on Keys 1
asparagii, 2013-05-10, bay billiards, fox lake, IL, illinois, may, 10, 2013, asparagii, organic, spaceship, music,,, 2013-5-10, Bay, Billiards, Fox, Lake, IL, Set 1, Red, Corvette, Hooker, with, a, Habit, Aphrodisiac, Worms, All, that, you, Dream, Whats, wrong, with, the, world, This, Must, be, the, Place, Liquid, Handcuffs,Is it Raining?, Set 2, Never, Know, Govt, our, Dealer, Harvest, Whooley, Mammoth, 12th, and, Vine, Just, like, Heaven, Aware, E:, You, Make, me, Feel, like, Dancin, In, the, Country, Transfixion, 1
asparagii, 2013-05-25, the, annex, wi, wisconsin, may, 25, 2013, asparagii, organic, spaceship, music,,, 2013-5-25, The Annex, Genoa, City, WI, Set 1, Hellova, Guy, Hooker, with, a, Habit, Liquid, Handcuffs, All, that, you, Dream, Judge, a, Book, Worms, Govt, our, Dealer, Harvest, Vocabulary, Whooley, Mammoth, Set 2, Black, Messiah, Mackin, it, Transfixion, Annex, Jam, Psycho, Killer, Shakedown, Street, 2001, Cities, Tube, E:, Whats, wrong, with, the, world, Break, my, Stride, Marc, Ruck, on, Bass, 1
asparagii, 2013-06-14, scottys, kenosha, wi, wisconsin, june, 14, 2013, asparagii, organic, spaceship, music,,, 2013-6-14, Scottys, Kenosha, WI, Set 1, Looks, like, Snow, This, Must, be, the, Place, Is, it, Raining?, 12th, and, Vine, Sinking, Black, Messiah, Govt, our, Dealer, Harvest, Red, Corvette, Set 2, Feel, like, Dancin, Debra, Whooley, Mammoth, Just, like, Heaven, Party, in, the, USA, Mackin, it, Transfixion, Controversy, E:, Vocabulary, Acoustic 1
asparagii, 2013-7-1, 2013, 07, 01, july, Jenn's, House, Wind, Lake, WI, Set 1, Feel, like, a, Stranger, Liquid, Handcuffs, Just, like, Heaven, Spider, Webs, Psycho, Killer, Animals, in, my, Home, Aphrodisiac, Set 2, Black, Messiah, Sugar, on, my, Tounge, Aware, Sugaree, 12th, and, Vine, Worms, Judge, A, Book, Whooley, Mammoth, Set 3, One, of, these, Nights, Transfixion, Just, Another, Day, Whats, wrong, with, the, World, 1
asparagii, 2013-7-4, 07, 04, 4th, of, July, on, the, Moon, Kenosha, WI, Set 1, Just, another, Day, Harvest, Sissyneck, Everyday, Govt, our, Dealer, Walkin, on, the, Moon, Hooker, with, a, Habit, Set 2, Golden, Age, 2001, moon, Jam, Shakedown Street, Mackin it, 1
asparagii, music, kenosha, wi, wisconsin, 2014-1-11, 2014, january, 11, TG's, tg, Set, 1, Limb, x, Limb, Hooker, with, a, Habit, Never, Know, Aphrodisiac, The, End, Psycho, Killer, Just, like, Heaven, Recorded, by, Scott, Sparkman,, organic, spaceship, music, 1
asparagii,, organic, spaceship, music, 2013-7-12, july, 12, 2013, TGs, Kenosha, WI, wisconsin, Set 1, Corrina, Never, Know, Circles, 12th, and, Vine, Man, in, Me, Aphrodisiac, Transfixion, Set 2, Psycho, Killer, Animals, in, my, Home, Mackin, it, Golden, Age, Worms, Judge, a, Book, Just, Another, Day, Roses, are, Free, Set 3, Whooley, Mammoth, Thats, how, strong, my, love, is, Hooker, with, a, Habbit, Tupelo, Honey, All, that, you, Dream, Aware, This, must, be, the, Place, Bathtub, Gin, E:, Vocabulary, 1
avante garde 1
experimental 1
groove night 1
holiday show 1
music farm 1
new music 1
noise music 1
quincy Mumford 1
quincy mumford & the Reason Why 1
set1 1
stv-set-1 1
tds 1
umphreys mcgee 1